Moscow international music festival


dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory

in the Great Patriotic War


Moscow government complex program for youth education







 November 22 – December 10, 2019



results of competitive reviews





1. Generalities

Moscow international competition of young journalists “New Page” is held in the framework of the Moscow International Music Festival “We are for peace!” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.




2. Goals and objectives


Competition aims:


· promoting the development of children's and youth artistic creativity, creative attitude to the preservation of peace on Earth;

· familiarity with cultures of different countries and people;

· support and identification of young talents on the basis of aesthetic, patriotic, spiritual and moral education.



Competition tasks:


· creation of conditions for creative self-realization of young journalists and their social adaptation in the sphere of culture;

· formation of a holistic educational environment, accumulating social and creative activity of students;

· establishment of close creative ties between educational institutions, exchange of pedagogical experience;

· improving the system of aesthetic education of young people;

· bringing together a wide range of young people on the basis of their own creativity;

· education of children and youth to respect and personal interest in the traditions and cultures of different countries;

· involvement of young people in the sphere of social creativity, stimulation of creative activity of students in the field of information and computer technologies;

· prevention of antisocial phenomena among children, adolescents and youth;

· preservation and enhancement of moral and cultural achievements of youth;

· formation of innovative methods of interaction between State bodies and public associations in the field of youth creativity support.





3. The organizing Committee

The founder of the competition is the Education and Science Department of Moscow.


The direct organizer of the competition is the Center for creative development and musical and aesthetic education of children and youth “Radost”, the leading institution of the Russian capital in the field of musical and aesthetic education of youth, the operator of the Department of education and science of Moscow for the organization of mass creative events, the operator of the Education and Science Department of Moscow for the implementation of the city's comprehensive target program of youth education “Moscow Children Sing”.





4. The Participants


The competition is attended by pupils of educational institutions, regardless of their status and departmental affiliation.


Age of participants - from 7 to 18 years.


Age categories:


1. Junior (7-9 years)


2. Average (10-14 years).

3. Senior (15-18 years).



5. Nominations


The competition is held in the following categories:


- Video;


- Written work.






1. TV report (message from the scene) - 1-5 min;

2. Short TV film (message about something) – 3-10 min.;

3. Video clip (multimedia illustration of a music track) - 1-5 min;

4. Social video (multimedia coverage of the most pressing issues) - 1-3 min;

5. Promotional video (promo of the studio, film, event, etc.) - up to 1 min.






1. Essays on the following topics (3000-4500 printed characters with spaces):


· “The great Patriotic war through the eyes of my generation”;

· “We are for world without war”;

· “The great Russian word”;

· “Hero of our time”;

· “What kind of adult do I want to be?”.


2. Text interview (3500-4500 characters with spaces)


3. Text report on free subjects (4000-5000 printed characters with spaces)


4. Longread (4000-5000 printed characters with spaces)


Be sure to use different multimedia elements to reveal the themes longread.




6. Requirements for competitive works


Each participant can present one work in the selected category.


Participation in several nominations is encouraged.


The theme of the works should correspond to the theme of the Moscow international festival “We are for peace!” dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Works that reflect the spirit of wartime, affecting modern aspects of the problems of war and peace, broadcasting the memory of the war, telling about the significance of the great Victory for the world community are preferred. Competitive works can also be devoted to other significant events in world history, Days of military glory, they can tell about peace, friendship, happy childhood, etc.





7. Forms of the competition


The competition is held in one stage in absentia (online).





8. Terms of the competition




From 22.11.2019, Wednesday, to 01.12.2019, Sunday 

Competitive reviews of works in all nominations


10.12.2019, Tuesday

the start time will be announced later

Final scientific and practical conference and awarding ceremony for the winners and participants of Moscow international competition of young journalists “New Page”

Center “RADOST”

(Mikhalkovskaya str., 22)




9. Jury of competition


The jury consists of representatives of the organizing Committee, leading experts in the field of journalism, photographers, videographers.




10. Evaluation criteria


The winners of the category “Video” are determined by the following criteria:


· depth of working out the subject;

· originality of creative solutions, the use of new methods of work;

· level of technical skills and quality of work;

· effectiveness of impact (how much work stimulates the emergence of images, emotions, arouses interest in people);

· accessibility to the general public.



The winners of the category “Written works” are determined by the following criteria:


· reasonableness of presentation and depth of disclosure of the topic;

· expressiveness, accuracy and accessibility of language;

· literacy;

· author's style;

· originality of thinking;

· level of erudition.





11. Rewarding of winners and participants of the contest


Each member of the jury evaluates the work of the participant on a 10-point scale. Then the points are summed up and the rating of the winners is formed.


In each category, nomination and age group are determined by the title:


· Grand prix,

· laureate of the I degree,

· laureate of the II degree,

· laureate of the III degree,

· diploma of I degree,

· diploma of II degree,

· diploma of III degree.


Special diplomas are provided:


In category “Video”


1. “Best TV presenter”


2. “Best cinematography”


3. “Best Director”



In category “Written works”


1. “Best disclosure of the contest theme”


2. “The Master of words”


3. “The author's view”



The jury reserves the right to not distribute all listed awards.

The results of the competition will be announced on December 3, 2019 on the website of the program “Children of Moscow Sing” (


Awarding of winners (including holders of special diplomas) and presentation of diplomas of participants will take place within the framework of the final scientific and practical conference on December 10, 2019 in Center “Radost” (Mikhalkovskaya St., 22).

Diplomas will be sent to foreign and nonresident contestants by Russian Post.

Attention! Diplomas are not sent to contestants from Moscow by Russian Post, e-mail or any other ways. Diplomas remaining in the organizing Committee at the end of all the activities of the competition can be obtained in Center “Radost” (Mikhalkovskaya str., 22) by individual agreement with the project coordinators until May 31, 2020.





12. Procedure and terms of submission of documents for participation in the competition


To participate in the competition, you must fill out an online application no later than November 22, 2019.


If you participate in several nominations: for each nomination you need to fill out a separate application.


The information specified in the application will be used in the design of diplomas. Only the teachers specified in the application can be awarded with gratitude of the competition.


Feedback and information about the schedule of the competition events will be provided personally by phone or e-mail specified in the application.


For publication in the competition booklet, to the online application must be attached:


· color photo of the author (group of authors) (jpeg, tiff file; at least 3 MB);


· the characteristic of the author (group of authors) with the indication of creative achievements for the period from 2017 to 2019 (Word file; text volume:1000 printed characters with spaces). Also it is necessary to specify surnames, names and patronymics (full) of teachers in the characteristic.


Participants must attach a link of the video to the online application.


Each film should be recorded in a separate file with the opening and ending credits. The credits must indicate: the author, age, institution in which the film was made, the year of creation of the film. Video resolution should not be lower than 1024 by 768 pixels.


The animated film should be created no earlier than November 2018.


The video of the contest work must be posted on YouTube ( Video posted on other Internet services or sent by e-mail will not be accepted for participation in the competition.


When uploading videos to YouTube, you must specify:


In the video Title field»:


– country,


– city,


–  name, surname and age of the author of the work/group of authors


– the name of the Studio.


In the “Description” field:


– the name of the contest: "New Page»;


– nomination;


– age category;


– film’s titile;


–  surname, name, patronymic of the teacher / team leader.


Videos that do not meet these requirements will not be evaluated.


Participants of nominations in which written works must be provided should attach to the online application a file with the competition work (MS Word or PDF file: Times New Roman font, size 14, margins 2.5 cm on all sides, paragraph indentation – 1.25 cm, interval 1.5).


A link to a longread published on one of the online platforms is also attached to the online application.





13. Entry fee for participation in the competition


Each participant (author or team of authors) pays an entrance fee for participation in the competition in the amount of 500 rubles (for participation in one nomination). For participation in each subsequent nomination there’s a surcharge in the amount of 300 rubles.


The entry fee is not refundable.


A sample of the receipt can be downloaded on the website  Payment confirmation should be attached to the online application.





14. Copyright and liability of the parties

The fact of sending the film to the competition means:


· consent of the participant and his legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents, guardians, trustees) with all the rules of the competition;


· consent of the specified persons to give organizers of competition the exclusive rights for competitive film without payment;


· consent to the procedure of collection, processing and transfer of personal data of the participant and his legal representatives;


· a guarantee by the participant and his legal representatives on the presence of the named persons of intellectual rights to the submitted work;


· accepting all risks and all responsibility for loss, damage, delay of the submitted tender.



Works that copy images (texts) from books, cartoons and other works are not accepted.


The organizing Committee reserves the right to publish works in materials accompanying the project, without paying royalties. The works of the participants can be presented on informational websites in small formats for non-commercial use with the indication of authorship.


The works submitted for the competition must not contradict the legislation on advertising and contain religious symbols, integral religious texts, chants and rituals; any forms of references bearing anti-state and anti-constitutional meaning; images of pornography, Nazi symbols, violence, discrimination, vandalism, blood, reflecting the bodily suffering of people and animals; sound effects indicating violence; and also contain obscene language, information in any form degrading to the dignity of a person or a particular national group, bearing any form of protest, criticism or negative perception of human society, etc.



The organizing Committee is not responsible:


· for the authorship of the works submitted for the contest falsely indicated by the participants;


· for information incorrectly reported or changed by participants;


· for the inability to communicate with the participant or his legal representatives due to the indication in the online application of incorrect or irrelevant

 contact information;



· for improper operation of postal, courier and provider services, networks and means of communication;


· for the use of the contest works by third parties.




15. Contacts


The organizing Committee:

Center “Radost”

Address: 22, Mikhalkovskaya str., Moscow, 125008




Daria Malyutina

Phone: +7 (905) 794-48-19 (mob.)



Julia Sarycheva

Phone: +7 (910) 468-77-30 (mob.)