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XVI Moscow International 
Children and Youth Musical Festival
“MOSCOW SOUNDS” (contest)


Moscow International Children's- Youth choral festival “Moscow Sound” takes place once every two years. It is organised by “Radost”- Moscow’s foremost educational establishment for vocal/choral training and general musical/aesthetic education for the general public.

Thirteen previous festivals (November 1990, April 1992, February March 1994, April 1996, April 1998, March, April 2000, April-May 2002, April-May 2004, April May 2006, April-May 2008, April-May 2010, April-May 2012, April-May 2014, April-May 2016) were enormously successful. Participants included associations from the USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong, the Bahamas, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus', Moldovia, Georgia, Armenia, Thailand, Serbia and other countries, s well as a number of Russian cities.

Today the festival “Moscow Sound” is the largest Russian youth choral forum, and it is famous far beyond the borders of the country. Its programme includes gala-concerts, soloists from participating associations in the best concert halls of Moscow, creative gatherings, open lessons and master-classes, scientific/practical conferences on the development of children's and youth choral creativity, and moulding of the vocal habits of young singers.


Within the festival we have:

  • the International competition of children's, youth, young choruses and vocal- choral ensembles;
  • International competitions for better performance of the works of orthodox and West European spiritual music;
  • the International competition of children's, youthful and youth folklore ensembles;
  • the International competition for conductors.


The judges of the competitions are famous Russian and foreign people of culture and the arts, composers, and choral conductors.

Culture and leisure programmes have been devised for the participants in the festival, including visits to exhibitions, museums, and the theatres of Moscow. There are various excursions to familiarise them with the history, the culture and the arts of the capital of Russia, including its sights and architectural monuments.

The founders of the Festival, consider that the organisation of this festival in Russia is in full accordance with the purposes and aims, proclaimed by the United Nations to the world, and they are confident that the Festival will enrich Russian culture on the basis of equality and mutual respect for the cultural traditions of countries and peoples of peace.




The Centre of creative development and musical-aesthetic education of children and youth – “Radost””

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