«Virtual Choirs / Orchestras / ensembles»


Dates of the event:


March 1, 2021 – June 1, 2021




1. General provisions


Self-isolation has put the leaders of musical groups in front of the need to develop new forms of creative activity: the organization of distant classes in various musical subjects, online rehearsals, ensuring the realization of the creative potential of students in the conditions of distant work.


Created to promote and support the most effective methods of online work in music groups, the competition aims to identify and encourage bright creative initiatives that demonstrate the results of pedagogical work in a new environment. 




* support for the creative initiatives of the heads of musical groups in the conditions of distant work;


* creating conditions for a fruitful creative exchange of experience of specialists in the field of musical education of children and young people;


* providing creative collectives with opportunities for performing self-realization in the conditions of distant work. 





* maintaining students’ interest in creative activities and the work of the educational collective during the period when it is impossible to conduct classes in traditional forms;


* stimulating the creative approach of collective leaders and teachers to search for forms of online work;


* formation of a holistic musical and aesthetic environment that accumulates the social and creative activity of students;


* establishment of close creative ties between educational institutions, exchange of performing, pedagogical and technical experience. 




2. Organizing Committee of the Internet competition



The founder of the competition is the Department of Education and Science of the City of Moscow.



The direct organizer of the competition is the Center for Creative Development and Musical and Aesthetic Education of Children and Youth "Radost", the leading institution of the Russian capital in the field of musical and aesthetic education of young people, the operator of the Department of Education and Science of the City of Moscow for the organization of mass creative events, the operator of the Department of Education and Science of the City of Moscow for the implementation of the city's comprehensive target program for youth education "Moscow Children Sing". 




3. Participants of the online competition


The online competition is open to vocal and instrumental groups of any composition with a number of 3 or more people.


The age of participants - from 5 years old. 




4. Internet Competition Nominations


The online competition is held in the following categories: 



4.1. Virtual Choir / ensemble:


· «Academic Choral Singing», «Pop singing»


Participants of the nomination:


* Choir (from 20 people);


* Vocal and choral ensemble (12-19 people);


* Vocal group (3-11 people). 


· «Folk choral singing»


 Participants of the nomination:


* Small forms (3-8 participants);


* Folklore ensembles (from 9 participants);


* Folk choirs (from 20 people).


Competitive reviews are held separately in the following categories:


* school choirs;


* children's and youth groups;


* amateur collectives;


* professional collectives (including training collectives of specialized colleges and universities). 




4.2. Virtual instrumental collective


Participants of the nomination:


* Orchestra (from 20 people);


* Instrumental ensemble (12-19 people);


* Small instrumental ensemble (3-11 people).



Competitive reviews are held separately in the following categories:


* children's and youth collectives;


* amateur collectives;


* professional collectives (including educational collectives of specialized colleges and universities).



Competitive reviews are held separately:


* collectives of folk instruments;


* wind instrument groups;


* groups of symphonic instruments;


* pop groups. 




5. Age categories of the online competition


Competitive reviews in all categories are held separately by age categories:


0 (preschool) age category - 5-6 years,


I younger age group - 7-10 years,


II average age category - 11-14 years,


III senior age category - 15-19 years,


IV (amateur) age category - 20 years and older,


V (mixed) age category.


Up to 15% of participants of different ages are allowed in the collectives of each age category. 



6. Requirements for the competition program


Each collective provides a video clip for the competition, which is a performance of a "virtual music group", conducted with the help of Zoom or other resources in the conditions of distant work, followed by video editing.


Program requirements:


In all categories, participating groups perform works of their own choice.


Each collective-participant can submit no more than 3 (three) works in one category to the competition.


Each work must be presented in a separate video clip.


For participants of the academic direction of the categories "School Choirs" and "Children's and Youth Groups", works from the repertoire of the Large Consolidated Choir of Moscow Schoolchildren are preferred, as well as compositions whose content corresponds to the theme of concert video programs and full-time concerts of the thematic projects of the program " Moscow Children Sing" (see the section " Long-term action plan of thematic projects 



7. Terms of the online contest





March 1, 2021

(Monday) –

May 1, 2021


Accepting online applications

for participation in the online competition


May 1, 2021

(Tuesday) –

May 20, 2021


Competitive reviews by category

The date and time will be

announced later


YouTube channel

Сenter «Radost»

01 June 2021


Starting at 19.00

Video concert of the winners of the Internet competition

in the categories " Virtual Academic Choir (ensemble)"

(categories: amateur choir, professional choir),

" Virtual Folk Choir (ensemble)",

" Virtual Pop Choir (ensemble)",

" Virtual Instrumental Group»


YouTube channel

Сenter «Radost»



8. The Jury


The jury for the nominations is formed from among the experts in the field of culture and art of Russia, who have outstanding achievements in the field of musical performance and pedagogy.


The jury for the nominations will be announced later. 





9. Evaluation of competitive works


Contest entries are evaluated on a 10-point scale. Then the arithmetic mean is determined.


* 10 points – Grand Prix;


* 9-9, 9 points – the winner of the I degree;


* 8-8, 9 points – the winner of the II degree;


* 7-7, 9 points – the winner of the III degree;


* 6-6, 9 points-the diploma holder;


* Less than 6 points-the participant.



Criteria for evaluating competitive works:


* performance level of participants;


* overall performance culture (appearance of the participants, etc.);


* technical level and originality of the video clip. 





10. Awarding of the winners and participants of the competition


The results of the online competition will be published on the website of the program "Moscow Children Sing" on June 1, 2021.


Diplomas to the winners and participants, as well as thanks to the managers, teachers, concertmasters and technical performers of the competition works will be sent to the e-mail specified in the online applications, June 1-10, 2021. 




11. The procedure for submitting an application for participation in the online competition


To participate in the competition, you must fill out an online application form. In the corresponding field of the online application, you must place links to the contest entries that are freely available on the Internet portal YouTube.


Attention! Videos sent in any other way or posted on other Internet resources are not accepted for participation in the competition. Applications without references to the competition entries, as well as those that are not fully completed, are invalid.





Attention! Submitting an application for participation in the competition confirms the consent to the processing of personal data of participants by the Organizing Committee.

The information provided in the online application form will be used when applying for diplomas. Only the teachers and concertmasters specified in the application can be awarded with the awards of the competition.

Feedback will be provided exclusively by phone numbers and e-mail specified in the online application. 





12. Legal conditions


Submitting the application for participation in the competition show that you agree with data


The position and consent to the placing of submissions in open sources, but also ensures that:



* creative work is performed personally by the participant or a sound engineer;


* in this competitive work to the author(s) no obligations to third parties, preventing the placement of materials on the websites of the organizing Committee, followed the copyright law;


* all materials that do not have links to any sources are copyrighted;


* copyrighted material underage posted with the consent of their legal representatives (parents, guardians, etc.);


* author(s) provide(s) the right of the organizers to use the creative work, the video competition performances or part with indication of the author(s), contractor(s) at their discretion without additional coordination with him(and) and without payment of royalties in their projects, including with the aim of promoting competition.



In the case of recorded gross violations of copyright (i.e. borrowing other people's works or their essential fragments without reference to authorship), the creative work (competitive performance) is not considered by the jury. 




13. Contacts



"Center for Creative development and musical and aesthetic education of children and Youth «Radost»

22 Mikhalkovskaya str., Moscow,

125008 Tel.: + 7 (495) 708 9625






"Virtual Choir / Ensemble (academic)"

Anastasia Pavelko



"Virtual choir / ensemble (folklore)»

Olesya Karaseva



"Virtual Choir / ensemble (pop)"

Tatyana Shchepatova



"Virtual Instrumental collective»

Dmitry Bazanov