Moscow international music Festival


dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory

in World War II

as part of Moscow city complex target

youth education programs








February 1, 2020 - February 20, 2020








Moscow International Children's and Youth Internet competition of Theater Art «START» will be held in the Moscow International Music Festival «We are for Peace!», dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


Moscow International Children's and Youth Internet competition of Theater Art «START» promotes patriotic education of the younger generation through the study and understanding of the most important artistic events of Russian history, expand horizons, deep comprehension of the world of theater in all its variety. The competition also meets the strategic objective of forming a single environment based on the principles of network interaction of educational, creative and public organizations. This alliance will facilitate familiarizing the younger generation to the world theater traditions and successful social adaptation of pupils.


The competition «START» is intended to unite the young lovers of theatrical art, studying acting, the basics of theatrical dramaturgy, directing and staging plays, learned the basics of professions theater artists, decorators, costumers. The project promotes the development of creative exchange of youth of Russia and other countries of the world, the expansion of international relations, the development of intellectual and creative abilities of children and adolescents.




2. Objectives and goals




• actively familiarizing the younger generation to the Russian artistic traditions;

• promoting patriotism through the study of theater arts;

• actively familiarizing pupils of educational institutions to the world theater traditions;

• familiarity with the cultures of different countries and peoples;

• raising the level of knowledge, the development of creative abilities in children and adolescents;





• familiarizing the general public to the art of the theater, contributing to the further spread of special education;

• identification of gifted children and the development of performance skills of young actors;

• formation of a complete education environment, accumulating social and creative activity of students;

• establishing close artistic ties between educational institutions, exchange of teaching experience;

• creation of conditions for creative self-realization of young actors and their social adaptation in the field of culture;


• education of children and young people respect and personal interest in the traditions of art culture of different countries.





3. The Organizing Committee


The founder of the competition is the Moscow Department of Education and Science.

The direct organizer of the competition is the Center for Creative Development and Musical and Aesthetic Education of Children and Youth «Radost», the leading institution of the Russian capital in the field of musical and aesthetic education of youth, the operator of the Moscow Department of Education and Science for organizing mass creative events, operator of the Department of Education and Science of the city of Moscow for the implementation of the city’s comprehensive targeted youth education program «Moscow Children Sing».






4. Participant of competition


The competition was attended by amateur theater groups and educational theater association, working on the basis of educational institutions and further education institutions, as well as independent creative collectives of theater direction.


Professional theater groups (students of specialized colleges, schools of theater artists at specialized institutions (universities) are estimated separately for the same categories.


The age of participants - from 5 to 25 years.


Allowed to participate in the competition staged by persons whose age exceeds the age limit - no more than 15% of the total number of participants in a competitive setting. The participation of collectives of teachers as actors (illustrators) in a competitive setting is not allowed.


Age categories of participants:


I age category (5-7 years).

II age category (8-10 years).

III age category (11-13 years).

IV age category (14-18 years).

V age category (19-25 years);

VI age category (mixed - members of different age groups in a collective).



5. Nominations


The competition is held in the following nominations:


1. Dramatic performance.


2. A musical performance.


3. Literary musical composition.


4. artistic expression.






6. Requirements for the competitive program


On the competitive view each collective is one (1) theatrical production in Russian or in one of the most common foreign languages ​​(English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).


The citizens are the performances only in Russian.


Staging should correspond to the genre of the selected category of the competition.


Encouraged to participate in several nominations.


setting content is not regulated, however, welcomed the choice of literary material, the content of which corresponds to the theme of the International Open Music Festival "We want peace!", dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Among these works - plays and literary works, imagery and mood that reflects the spirit of wartime regard to modern aspects of the problems of war and peace, translates the memory of the war, tells the story of the Great Victory to the global community. Also among the recommended - works devoted to other important events of the world and Russian history, the works of peace, friendship, happy childhood, and so forth..


Concerts and New Year performances for competitive viewing is not allowed.


The duration of the competition performances:


• nomination «Dramatic performance» - from 20 to 70 minutes,


• nomination «Musical performance» - from 20 to 70 minutes,


• nominated for «Literature and musical composition» - from 15 to 40 minutes,


• nomination «Аrtistic expression» - no more than 10 minutes.


The participants of stage must be students of the one creative association.


Competitive performance must be made no earlier than January 2019.






7. Forms of the competition


Competition is carried out in one step in correspondence.





8. Dates of the contest






from 01.02.2020, Tuesday,

to 10.02.2020, Monday

Сompetitive views

for nominations

«Dramatic play», «Musical performance»

«Literature and musical composition»,

«Artistic expression»






Summary of scientific-practical conference and award ceremony for the winners and participants of the contest


Centre «Radost» (Michalkovskaya street, 22)



The start time of the final conference and the award ceremony will be announced later.






9. The Jury


The jury consists of experts in theater arts, teachers of acting, theater and cinema actors, directors.



10. Criteria for evaluation of competitive performance


The winners are determined by the following criteria:


• work of the director,


• play musical arrangement,


• plastic play solution


• work with the word,


• ensemble cast,


• sets and costumes,


• respect for the literary source,


• compliance with the chosen repertoire age performers.






11. Awarding of winners and participants


Performances are evaluated on a 10 point scale. Next, the arithmetic mean:


• 10 points - Grand Prix;


• 9-9,9 points - laureate of the I degree;


• 8-8,9 points - laureate of the II degree;


• 7-7,9 points laureate of the III degree;


• 6-6,9 points - diplomants.


Collectives participating in the competition and scored less than 6 points, receive certificates of the participant.


Ranks are determined in each nomination and age category.


There are special diplomas:


• «Best Performance»


• «Best Musical»


• «The best drama performance»


• «The best musical performance»


• «The best reader»


• «The best performer of»


• «The best director's decision»


• «The best musical arrangement»


• «The best plastic solution»


• «The best design of the play»


• «Best Ensemble».



The jury reserves the right not to distribute all of the rewards.

Competitive performances are not reviewed.


The jury's decision is final and not appealable.


Holders of GPs, laureates I, II and III degrees, the diplomants and awarded special certificates are awarded certificates and mementos.


Diploma of the participant is made upon request. Applications for the manufacture of a participant diploma accepted by email from 21 February 2020 to 20 March 2020.


Foreign and nonresident contestants’ diplomas and prizes will be mailed to Russia.


Attention! Contestants from Moscow diplomas and gifts are not sent to the Russian Post, email or any other means. Diplomas, remaining in the Organizing Committee at the conclusion of all events of the competition, you can get to the Center of Creative Development and Musical Aesthetic Education of Children and Youth “Radost” (Mikhalkovskaya St., 22) by individual agreement with the project coordinators until May 31, 2020.




12. The procedure and deadlines for submitting documents for participation in the competition


To participate in the contest must be no later than January 20, 2020 to fill an online application form on the website of the city complex target program of education of young people «Moscow Children Sing» (


With the participation in several categories: for each nomination must complete a separate application.


Attention! Submission of application for participation in the competition confirms the consent to the processing of personal data by the Organizing Committee members.


The information presented in the application is not tested and is not corrected in the design of diplomas. Thanked the contest will be awarded only to the teachers referred to in the application.


Feedback will be carried out exclusively by phone and e-mail, specified in the application.


Collectives participating for publication in the booklet of the competition to the online application form must be attached:


• a color photo of the group (image jpeg, tiff; not less than 3 MB);


• collective response indicating the creative achievements for the period from 2017 to 2019 (Word file, the amount of text - 2000 printed characters with spaces);


• color photograph artistic director of the group (image jpeg, tiff; not less than 3 MB);


• characterization of the artistic director, indicating education, creative achievements for the period from 2017 to 2019 (Word file, the amount of text - 1000 printed characters with spaces).


Soloists parties for publication in the booklet of the competition to the online application form must be attached:


• color photo soloist (file jpeg, tiff; not less than 3 MB);


• soloist characteristic indicating the creative achievements for the period from 2017 to 2019 (Word file, the amount of text - 1000 printed characters with spaces). Also characteristic is necessary to specify further the surname, name and patronymic (in full) of the teacher.


It should also be attached to the online application link to a video of competitive performance.


The video should meet the following requirements:


• Manager (or one of the participants on their own) before the statement must provide the staff, call the school and the executable;


• competitive production must be performed without interruption;


• Do not use the pre-recorded soundtracks to text voice characters;


• Shooting setting for the category "artistic expression" is not allowed to use sound equipment;


• The shooting plan should be shared, but close enough (to see articulation, emotions play a child);


• Movies must be carried out without shutting down and stopping the camera - from the beginning to the end of the performance of the competition program (subsequent installation is not permitted);


• Entry must be made no earlier than January 2019.


Videotape competitive performance must be placed on video service YouTube (


Videos posted on other online services, or sent by e-mail will not be accepted to participate in the competition.


When you upload a video to YouTube, please specify:


In the «Name of the video»:


- country,


- city,


- name singer / band name.



In the «Description»:


- the name of the contest: «START – 2020»;


- nomination;


- age category;


- the name of the setting;


- surname, name and patronymic of the teacher / collective leader.


Videos that do not meet these requirements will not be scored.


Collective leader must provide a list of group members, which will include the following information for each participant: name (in full), surname, date of birth, age, full name of the institution a class. The list is placed in the online application form. Without a valid bid list.


The application must also be attached to the full text of the competitive setting script (Word file). Scenarios productions in foreign languages ​​(English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) are accepted only in the detailed translation into Russian.






13.  Contact


Organizing Committee:


Center of Creative Development and Musical Aesthetic Education of Children and Youth «Radost»

125008, Moscow, Michalkovskaya street, 22

Phone: +7 (499) 154-5003


Project coordinator:


Svetlana A. Vasilyeva

Phone: +7 (916) 222-62-36